Arkansas Belly Dancing

Welcome to Arkansas Belly Dance. The goal of this Belly Dancing Website is to create a multi-faceted reference site created by a belly dancer for those who desire to teach, learn, perform or enjoy the ancient art of belly dance.
We gladly offer this space to troupes and individual performers to advertise their classes, performances and belly dance events free of charge. We invite you to take a look around, offer suggestions, ask questions, contact us and advertise yourself/troupe.

Turkish Belly Dancing

At Arkansas Belly Dance, we believe that dancing is an art.  The music acts as our paint, the moves and costumes acts as our brush and the floor acts as our canvas.  Similar to painting, even an amateur can take joy in the process of learning and expressing themselves.  While many seek the destination of being a skilled dancer, the journey itself is the true reward.

This connection to art is even more so in Belly Dancing.  Belly Dancing is an art inside an art.  The Belly Dancing Costumes, Belly Dancing Music and the Belly Dancing Props are as varied as the moves themselves.  Variations in what people call “Belly Dancing” ranges from the general Arabic Belly Dancing to the specific areas (Lebanese Belly Dancing / Egyptian Belly Dancing / Turkish Belly Dancing) to the modern Tribal Dancing.  While many criticize one type or the other and one dance or the other, we have a different outlook.  One of the sites that looks more into the different styles is  While we enjoy the content this site provides, we are looking at a different aspect of the art: the dance as pure enjoyment and less of a rigorous study to be perfected.

Indian Belly Dancing

We believe the art of Belly Dancing is like the dance itself – it is fluid and ever shifting.  While some sites will focus on one style or historical representation of the art, we believe that all are genuine in their own right.  Belly Dancing was not a one step creation.  It was the development of styles and changes over time.  If you make up a new move that has never been seen before, we consider that art and not some deviation from what is considered “true” Belly Dancing.  While we will look from time to time on the history (for a quick overview of one site’s opinion, checkout History of Belly Dancing)of the dance and different style of dancing, our primary purpose is to encourage people to learn and appreciate this amazing and beautiful form of expression.  We believe it expands the art to look at the different Belly Dancing Props and the beautiful types of Belly Dancing Costumes, but we do not believe in criticizing people reaching out to try new things or create new techniques.

Salsa Belly Dancing

As we mentioned earlier, the Belly Dancing Journey is the true reward.  There is no finish line and no place to stop and say you have learned it all.  This is because the art is ever expanding and the source and variety of the different techniques is as vast as the ocean is wide.  The journey is one in appreciating the skill, becoming one with the music and the melding of the movements and rhythm.  The dance becomes a source of meditation and a place we go to relax and feel comfortable.

We encourage other sites, dancers, troupes and individuals to share their experiences, promote their upcoming dances and add to the community knowledge.  Please feel free to go to our “Contact Us” page to submit any articles or information you would like us to share.  Until then, please browse our site and enjoy the beautiful pictures, videos and content we work to provide you.

Live, Love, Dance

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